Root tip picks, also known as root tip elevators or root tip extraction instruments, are specialized dental tools used by dental professionals for the extraction of broken or fractured tooth roots. When a tooth breaks off at the gumline or during an extraction procedure, leaving a portion of the root embedded in the jawbone, a root tip pick is often used to carefully elevate and remove the remaining root fragment.

typically feature a thin, pointed tip with a slight curve or angle that allows for precise placement and manipulation in the root canal space. They may have a textured or serrated surface to provide better grip on the root fragment during extraction. The handle of the instrument is designed for comfortable grip and control by the dental practitioner.

The use of root tip picks requires skill and precision to avoid damaging surrounding tissues and adjacent teeth during the extraction process. Dental professionals may also employ imaging techniques such as X-rays to aid in locating and visualizing the position of the root fragment before attempting extraction.

In addition to root tip picks, dental practitioners may use other instruments and techniques such as dental forceps, elevators, and surgical procedures to effectively remove fractured or impacted tooth roots. Proper training and experience are essential for safely and successfully utilizing root tip picks and other dental instruments in tooth extraction procedures.

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