Nail and pedicure cutters are tools designed for trimming and maintaining the nails on the hands and feet. They come in various shapes and sizes, each serving a specific purpose in nail care. Nail and pedicure cutters

  1. Nail Clippers:
    • Basic nail clippers are widely used for trimming fingernails. They come in different shapes, including straight-edged and curved blades. The lever mechanism allows for efficient cutting.
  2. Toenail Clippers:
    • Toenail clippers are larger and usually have a straighter cutting edge. They are designed for cutting thicker and tougher toenails. Some may have a straight cutting edge, while others have a slightly curved one.
  3. Nail Scissors:
    • Nail scissors have finer and more pointed blades compared to clippers. They are suitable for precision trimming, shaping, and cutting cuticles.
  4. Pedicure Scissors:
    • Pedicure scissors are designed specifically for cutting toenails. They often have a longer and narrower shape, making it easier to reach and trim the nails on the toes.
  5. Nail Nippers:
    • Nail nippers have a robust design and are used for trimming thick or ingrown toenails. They have a strong, wide jaw to handle tougher nails.

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